About Us

Our Story

Chicago Clean Home arose from a desire to offer top-quality, detail-oriented cleaning services to home and business owners—services that create not just cleaner spaces, but healthier ones. We treasure our clients and work hard to offer the best customer service and cleaning experience in the city. Treating cleaning like a science, our staff takes pride in how we impact your home, office and overall wellbeing.
Several years in the construction field brought our founder repeated disappointment through his contractors’ mediocre cleaning services. As an unsatisfied customer, he strove to build a company rooted in respect, integrity and quality.
Since its inception, Chicago Clean Home has been regarded highly by clients, brimming with professionalism and premier services that adhere to the latest environmental regulations and health standards. We serve the entire Chicago area and offer a wide range of commercial and residential cleaning at affordable prices and flexible times. Contact us to jumpstart your work and life quality.